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Aluminum & Chain Link Fence

Alumnium & Chain Link Fencing in Western, MA & Connecticut.

Perfect for surrounding the pool or as a small animal enclosure, aluminum and chain link fences serve many purposes and are available at low prices.

Our most popular use of aluminum fences is around pool areas. Aluminum fencing is both decorative and durable, used for security and to enhance the appearance of the property. Chain link fences have the same uses as an aluminum fence but are less decorative and even more affordable. They are most commonly used for small animal enclosures, surrounding pool areas and as security for commercial businesses. Many business owners will purchase tall chain link fences to protect their business. Vinyl covered chain link fences are also available which will last longer since they are more durable than an average chain link fence.

These fences require little to no maintance and are available at much more affordable prices when compared to other styles of fences. If you have old fencing which needs to be taken care of our team of experts at Pappelardo Fence Company will replace it for you.

Pappelardo Fence Company Serving Western MA & Connecticut for over 50 years. Call us today (413) 736- 2295 and ask us about our Aluminum & Chain Link Fence services!

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