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Vinyl Post and Rail Fence Services with Pappelardo Fence Co.

Vinyl Post and Rail Fence Services

Not only does vinyl look appealing in any area, but also it is very durable and low maintenance. Pappelardo Fence offers vinyl post and rail fences to Western MA and Connecticut that have a reputation for their appearance and high quality.

With vinyl, you get a different look than standard wood and will have many options available to you. It doesn’t require painting or staining and we’ll ensure your vinyl posts and fence look just as you imagined.

Along with a great appearance, vinyl post and rail is easy to clean and maintain.

  • Dirt is easily wiped or sprayed off, due to the glossy, non-porous surface
  • It is very low maintenance
  • Our vinyl post and rail fences can serve many different purposes in your yard

Your vinyl post and rail fence will not split or crack, it is fire resistant, and it won’t get termite damage, fungus, or dry rot.

Vinyl post and rail fencing is an investment that will add value to your home and will prove itself worth the cost. You will not have to paint the fence yearly to reduce the change of rotting and your posts will not morph due to temperature changes, unlike wood. At Pappelardo Fence, our fences are specifically designed to stay in the sun and withstand any temperature changing elements.

Pappelardo Fence will install your vinyl post and rail fence and ensure your fence is secure and sturdy. You can choose what you want your post and rail fence to look like, choosing between how many rails you want your fence to have. Pappelardo Fence has a variety of kinds and styles to choose from to make give you the options you’re looking for and fit your personal taste.

Looking for an affordable, durable, and attractive fence for your large or small property? Pappelardo Fence can help. Our experienced staff can design and install just the fence you’re looking for, whether it is a whole-yard enclosure, a backyard fence, or just a garden surround.

Call Pappelardo Fence Company located in East Longmeadow MA, and receive all the information you’re looking for regarding our vast vinyl fence collection. Vinyl Post and Rail Fence Installation and Replacement Company serving Western, MA & Connecticut.