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Wood Fence

Wood Fencing in Western, MA & Connecticut.

The oldest and most traditional style fence is the wood fence.  Wood fences will give your property more character and a more-natural appearance.  With occasional maintance your wood fence can last up to 20 years.  Of course, weather conditions and wild life may cause damage to your fence but that goes with anything outdoors.  The appearance of wood fences is not matched with vinyl or chain link fences; the wood gives a natural look and feel which is perfect for surrounding gardens or enclosing the pool area.  Available in many different sizes, a wood fence is perfect for keeping animals out or keeping pets in.  Just like vinyl, these fences can provide great privacy and security.

One of the biggest reasons for choosing a wood fence is the style and appearance.  Wood fences will almost always beat chain link fences when discussing design and style.  Vinyl fences are very appealing but not like wood fences.  Wood fences describe a natural appearance which makes it seem as if that fence was meant to be there.       

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